The program is designed exclusively for students who wish to work in positions of leaders and managers, cadres and civil servants working in state and local management agencies and enterprises, officers working in managerial positions in state and local government units. Furthermore, the program is designed for those who wish to be promoted in their career or to enhance their knowledge and skills to become professional managers in the rapidly growing and integrated economy.

Students will study for the duration of 2 years in their home countries; the program also includes 3 modules, 9 course subjects, master thesis seminar and thesis work.


What is now the University of Tampere began in 1925 in Helsinki as an institution generally referred as a Civic College. It was felt that large sectors of the population and especially young people in the rural areas were in need of enhanced popular education. In the 1960s, the institution moved to Tampere. Within six years student intake increased fivefold. The specialized college duty expanded into a multi-faculty university.

To this day, the University of Tampere has retained its strong orientation to society, to public and private services and to professional university education. The University becomes Finland’s biggest provider of higher education in the field of social sciences and the accompanying administrative sciences. In its teaching and research, the University takes a critical approach to phenomena in society. Its experts engage in the societal debate both through their publications and through the mass media; their opinions are sought after and their words carry weight in discussion and decision-making.

The University of Tampere is renowned for its high-quality teaching. The University is also keen to develop into an international research university with extensive co-operation networks in teaching and research throughout Europe and beyond. The main forms of internalization are mobility of students, researchers and teachers and the master’s programs offered in fields in which the University is especially strong.

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  • Training program is continuously updated in accordance with the international standards
  • Graduates of ISB-MPA will receive a degree granted by the University of Tampere, Finland
  • Faculty members have extensive expertise and experience in teaching international business courses and are committed to the constant development of students according to Western methodology
  • Modern and dynamic learning environment
  • Graduate students will gain many opportunities for advancement and important positions in the private as well as local government organizations 



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