Friday, 12-07 2019

On the last Thursday, 11 July 2019, a special major orientation about Marketing and Management was held exclusively for ISB talented students. This orientation was organized by the International School of Business - University of Economics HCMC and invited guest speakers who come from big MNCs around the country, along with the participation of more than 80 second-year students. 
This specialization orientation aims to help ISB students to obtain a clearer overview, have a better understanding and gain knowledge of listed majors that they are going to choose. The orientation attracted not only students who are planning to pursue a major in Marketing and Management but also students studying other majors such as Finance and Accounting, etc.
Attending this specialization orientation in Marketing and Management, ISB talented students had a great pleasure to welcome our three special guest speakers, including:
- Ms. Nguyen Dinh Bao Nguyen, Strategic HR Consultant 
- Mr. Nguyen Minh Quan, Product Marketing Manager, SamSung Vietnam
- Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc My, Team Leader of Business Development and Strategies, Navigos 
Although the time for the orientation was limited, which was only more than two hours, ISB students had a great chance to listen to valuable sharing about general knowledge, expertise, and practical experience in reality. That useful knowledge and interesting stories from our three talented guest speakers truly provided ISB students with explicitly general overview of Marketing and Management, as well as strongly support them in orientating their own specific career path. With the friendliness and enthusiasm of our guests, ISB students were able to be more comfortable in asking questions, answering and discussing various topics, from work issues at each position to challenges and opportunities. Moreover, the three guest speakers also talked about the criteria which interviewers are looking for and how to prepare a good CV. This information is surely valuable for people in order to have better preparation for their dream jobs in the near future.
Besides revolving around the topics of Marketing - Management such as specific major groups, particular jobs, salary and selection criteria, perhaps one of the lessons that most audiences remembered through this orientation were important factors for the young and talent generation - the talented and potential candidates for every company; that is, Communications, Passion, Strategic Thinking and People.
On behalf of ISB, we would like to say thank you and place tremendous value on Ms. Bao Nguyen, Mr. Minh Quan and Ms. Ngoc My's time for joining, sharing and inspiring our ISB students. Wish you all the best and further success in your career path. We hope that we will have a pleasure to welcome you all for other topics in the near future.
Besides, ISB strongly aims to organize more and more useful and practical seminars like this for ISB-ers in the future!