Monday, 24-06 2019

Last Friday (14 June 2018), the seminar: ERROR 404 - PASSION NOT FOUND _ PASSION, WHERE ARE YOU? organized by ISB Academic team had taken place with smooth results and succeeded more than expectation. The seminar successfully attracted a lot of student's attention with more than 200 participants! The talking seminar with Chau Bui as the main guest ended with delivery of hope and inspiring ISB talented students in pursuing personal passions and careers. 
The seminar started with two excellent singing performances by two sweet singers from ISB Academic Team. The atmosphere became more dynamic than ever with the appearance of our special guest - Ms.Chau Bui. Let's cover some important and meaningful main things happened on that day!
According to Ms.Chau Bui, there are ways to " DEFINING, IDENTIFYING, PURSUING" passions, as below: 
  • Passion is being able to live with true-self
  • Passions are what make people happy. In the past, when someone asks her about what she likes, she always replied with love of traveling. But if she took it easy and does not want to make hard decisions, that means she will have to rely on someone else and that makes her not knowing what she is living for. Traveling is a way of rewarding herself for what she had accomplished. 
  • It is never too late to discover your passion in life, if you have not found it, just keep training yourself by learning and experimenting, you will find out about what you really want to do in your life. 
  • Passion is not something you were born with, it is something that requires time and experience to identify. 
  • Do not worry that you may not have things that are prerequsites to follow your dream, everyone has trengths and weaknesses, find those and develop them. Furthermore, locate your weaknesses and try to elevate and improve 
With sincere sharings coming from Ms, Chau Bui, everyone was moved. It is an honor for ISB Academic team to express the most wholehearted appreciation and thanks for spending precious time coming to the seminar to share the priceless experience.