Tuesday, 30-07 2019

On the last Monday (29/7/2019), the International School of Business – University of Economics HCMC (UEH-ISB) was truly pleased to have a chance to welcome 2 experts from Western Sydney University to organize two extremely useful workshops about AI (Artificial Intelligence) for students. 

  • Prof. Simeon Simoff, Dean School of Computing, Engineering, and Mathematics (SCEM) Western Sydney University;
  • Prof. Carles Sierra, Vice-Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC); Adjunct Professor Western Sydney University. 

As far as you can see, the world has been increasingly changing with the innovation and development of modern technology, especially Artificial Intelligence. AI has been highly altering the way people do business, study, and communication, etc. Therefore, gaining knowledge about this technological revolution will obviously help you prepare better for the dramatic changes in the world and stimulate innovative ideas for your organization as well as personal development. Additionally, it is important to get yourself updated on the latest technology of AI to understand how it is implemented in some certain aspects of our life.


Recently, it has been another emerging technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that is beginning to alter education tools and institutions and changing what the future might look like in education and the way people negotiate in business also. Furthermore, using Artificial Intelligence for contract negotiations may sound futuristic, but the future is here and it is transforming the way deals are made.
The workshop attracted hundreds of lecturers and students to participate in. Two sessions in the workshop were really practical and informative which are about AI in Education and How to become a Researcher in the age and AI for Negotiation - Interpretable Machine Learning – State of the Art respectively. During the two workshops, students were provided with a variety of helpful knowledge about what AI is and how it can be significantly applied in several particular fields. Students were attracted by numerous exciting video clips about AI and greatly focused on our two special Professors’ presentation until the end of the workshops. In the Q&A section, students raised lots of interesting questions and acquired more amazing things about AI in reality. 


In the first workshop, Professors have introduced basic concepts about Artificial Intelligence through a wide spectrum of understandable examples in order to illustrate practical applications of AI in real life in multiple fields. The outstanding uses of AI have been mentioned as the improvement in team effectiveness by analyzing various factors which strongly affect the effectiveness of the team. Moreover, AI can measure multiple elements required from historical information and then derive a formula for facilitating the most optimized combination that will give the most successful feasible results. Therefore, it’s a fact that there will be a better and convenient way to encourage teamwork, based on the depth analyses of strengths and weaknesses. Another very promising utilization of AI is to provide algorithm used in recognizing patterns of students’ error and promote a better learning strategy.
In the second workshop, our Professors discussed negotiation under the amazing application of AI. Some technical knowledge and formulas were presented. Through the clear explanation of our Professors, the information became easier for students to absorb and digest. Furthermore, the students have acquired the new logics in decision makings which can be applied in politics, economics, and of course, in guiding Artificial Intelligence programs in order to give the best possible decisions.
This is such an unforgettable chance for the students to have a clearer view of the development of this changing world and have better preparation for their future.  
Thank you so much Prof. Simeon Simoff and Prof. Carles Sierra for the wonderful workshop that all participants had an opportunity to obtain new interesting knowledge and information about hi-tech in general and AI in particular.